Style Tips For Men In Their 20s

Style Tips For Men In Their 20s

As a young man when it comes down to style, you want to be out there experimenting, making mistakes, and learning to formulate your own opinion when it comes to your own personal image. In today’s video, gents, twenty one style tips for men in their 20’s. First up on the list, go out there and experiment. You only know if you like something by trying it by doing it. You can’t just think about a style and say, you know what? I’m not into that. You know at this age, you want to be out there trying. So, are you going to go street wear? Are you going to go classic menswear? Guys, it’s up to you, but go out there and try and see what suits you. And, with that, we’ve got our next tip, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes happen because you’re going out there and you’re trying something new.

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If you aren’t making mistakes in your life, you’re not trying enough things, you’re not putting yourself out there. Mistakes happen whenever you’re learning, whenever you’re growing, whenever you’re stretching yourself. Now, let’s talk about formulating your own opinion. This is hard especially when you go against the flow. It’s easy whenever you’re with the crowd and you agree, but what about when you disagree, are you going to have the courage to go your own way. Next up, you want to learn to leverage the power of color. Notice all of a sudden, I brought in a pocket square right here. This little bit of color this little bit of pop, I think really sets the outfit apart from the sea of suits out there that aren’t using pocket squares. But, red also has the power of actually making a man more believable. Other things, let’s notice the green in the jacket I’m wearing.

This is a very natural color, so when you see a man wearing green, all of a sudden you’re more likely to trust him. And colors can have this effect. Blue can also make you look more trustworthy. In addition, it can make an older man look younger. If you’re already looking pretty young, then maybe you want to bring in charcoal gray, it’s going to age you a bit. The power of black, that’s going to be aggression, it’s also going to slim you up. And, when you understand the power of color, you can use it to your advantage. Now, we’re going to learn how to kiss, and I’m not talking about with your kips – keep it simple silly. So, we like to overcomplicate things. Guys, when it comes to elegant classic style, you don’t need to bring an outlandish outfits, crazy colors, mindboggling patterns.

No! It really is something focus in on the style pyramid; fit, function, and fabric. So, that leads us right into our next point, fit. You want to make sure everything you put on your body fits your body. If it doesn’t fit your body, you’re not going to wear it. You need to know the name of your tailor. Understand how your dress shirt should fit. Understand how your jacket, your trousers, everything you wear should fit.

Even your jeans, you want to take them to get adjusted if they don’t fit you. Next up, we’ve got clothing function. Is the clothing sending the message you want to send? If you’re an engineer working for a construction company, your outfits are going to be different than if you’re a lawyer working for a construction company. The lawyer, probably going to dress up a bit more, but still the engineer who’s going out to the field, he’s going to want to wear set clothing. If you’re a consultant working a New York firm, if you’re a consultant working for a firm in a very small town, your outfits are going to be a bit different because in a bigger city in an urban environment, suits are going to be the go-to.

But, as you start to get your first, second, third paycheck, you start to put aside money because you realize I need to start investing in good pieces. And now, gentlemen, you’re going out there and buying your first pair of quality shoes, and I’m not talking Jordans, great shoes, but what I’m talking about here are dress shoes. These are going to be foundation shoes that basically when it comes to your business wardrobe, when it comes down to your business casual wardrobe that you’re going to be able to use these as a foundation.

So, two great options right here. You can go with a simple black Balmoral oxford with a closed lacing system. This right here is a workhorse especially if you’re wearing dark-colored suits often. But, if you’re in a more casual environment, maybe you want to look for a pair of Bluchers. These are going to have an open lacing system. And if you don’t know the difference, I’ll bring up an infographic right here. But, in general, the black Balmoral oxford is going to be a little bit dressier than these dark browns here in a more casual style. However, depends on really what your professional need is, what you’re going to wear more often is probably the one you want to first buy because you’re going to get the miles out of this and when you dress sharp, you’re going to feel like a million bucks. And now, let’s talk suit. So, I think every man in his 20’s should have at least one suit in his closet in his wardrobe that first off fits him well. So, you want to take this to a tailor, get it adjusted to fit your body.

Make sure that the suits fit, don’t go for any of those crazy outlandish fits, and that takes us to function. So, you want this to be now a fashion suit, but a classically styled suit. One that you could spend a bit of money on and ones that fit you you’re going to be able to use it for the next five years, maybe even beyond if you’re able to, you know, get a classic style. And, when we’re talking classic styles also let’s talk about the color. So, you want to go with navy blue, charcoal gray, and when it comes down to what you can afford, spend a little bit more money here.

Get something that every time you put it on, that fabric drapes well and it makes you look like a million bucks. So, you’ve got the shoes, you’ve got the suit. Now, let’s talk about accessories. So, I think at this point it’s good for a man to buy his first high quality accessory, and this is going to be something going to serve you for the next decade and perhaps beyond. So, you buy your first really nice leather briefcase or maybe you start to get into watches, maybe it’s a pair of sunglasses, when you put them on, you just feel great. The point of these last three is that you’ve got an outfit when you put it together, you feel like a million bucks. Gents, own at least one book on men style. I’m not even saying that you need to read this thing, but I want you to have this, so that you can make your way through and find some amazing information.

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