how to sleep in a wig

Before I started to dismantle everything I wanted to come and show you guys how I secured my wig for sleeping sometimes I sleep in my wig I don’t always sleep them out with you guys but when I do I always have to make sure that I secure my wig which is something I recommend you do because if you don’t your install is not gonna last as long as you probably would want it to right now.

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I have the nolley unit from your a hair comm all of my units from the or a hair comb come free customized already with a hair line so pretty much all you have to do is just put it on and secure your unit if you need a video showing you how to install your wig then you can check out this video here or up here I’ll link it somewhere here as well as in the description box down below so like I said I normally don’t sleep in my wigs the way that you install your wig has a lot to do with how long you plan on wearing your wig for so right now this unit is secured with ghost bond lace wig glue which is one of my favorites when it comes to like a stronghold that’s gonna last me for some time the most eyes where my wig or like the longest period that I would wear my wigs probably is about a week after a leak they kind of need to be taken off and changed out that’s just my personal preference because I want it to look nice and fresh every week and you know wear makeup makeup definitely gets into the glue.

You know can cause some like harsh lines and stuff so you just want to clean that off every week or so like I said my wig right now is secured with ghost bond in order for me to keep it secured like this where I don’t have to keep reapplying it every day or touching it up so much I’m going to show you guys how I secure my weight down ickerly here is just a tad bit more maintenance then straight here is so my sleep routine for my straight hair or like here is just it’s very different from my sleep routine for my curly hair but I try to keep this simple at night because I don’t really like to do too much I barely like to wash my face at night okay so when I’m get ready to go to sleep all I’m gonna do is just pull my wig back into a ponytail you didn’t even put it in a bun but I’m just trying to create like the most minimal work possible in the morning so I just went ahead and pulled it back behind my ears okay so everything is nice and flat and now I highly recommend that you tie down the perimeter of your install every single night every time you get in the shower every time you wash your hair you want that to be tied down because if not there is a huge chance that it might move it might get messed up this is like the key to keeping your install like flat and you know kind of flawless so this is just a scarf I think I got this from like a beauty supply store maybe even Walmart I don’t remember it being like any more than like maybe five six dollars so this is just a regular black scarf it’s pretty long able to wrap around my whole head and it’s nice and soft so I recommend that you get a material that’s something like a satin or a cotton or I might not caught in satin or like a silk some type of like really soft material because this will slide against your hair and prevent any snags you know just like a satin pillowcase would which is what you want okay so we’re gonna go ahead and I can actually be neat with this usually I just throw it on my head but I’m a full that’s in half you can tie it if you want to but I have actually had issues with my nape breaking off because of too much I think the friction back there and I think that had to do a lot with me tie my headscarf and like pull on it you know like crossing it like I was tying shoelaces so I’m just crossing it like very lightly just kind of overlapping it bringing it back to the front and now I’m just gonna make a knot right here and this is how I would sleep with my hair free that night I know some people gotta have your ears out so go ahead and do what you do with that but I’m ok with keeping my ear thanks I think the scarf is a little bit more comfortable like that anyway I usually take my earrings out and then I’ll sleep like this because I have a satin pillowcase ok so I do sleep on my side and pillow I recommend satin over cotton because what does cotton do cotton absorbs moisture and if you’re sleeping especially like just with hair in general you don’t want your pillow just taking all the moisture out your hair that’s not what you want with your hair extensions or your real hair so just play it safe get yourself a satin pillowcase and you can just sleep with the hair like this it’s ok to go to sleep like this and I’ll show you guys what to do in the morning now if you don’t have a satin pillowcase you might want to cover up your hair with a bonnet ok so depending on what you doing this weekend and why you trying to keep your wig on I would also recommend that you put a bonnet on and just kind of wear it like this ok you can pin the bonnet if you want to like this one oh just and put it up like that and then you’d be good to go okay but I have a satin pillowcase so I’m not gonna wear my bonnet tonight all right I’ll see you guys you guys okay so it is the next morning and I am almost ready for my day so I’m gonna go ahead and take my headscarf off this is what my hair looks like so because this is nice and flat I am gonna go in with a little bit more mousse and my toothbrush and it just kind of mold remould those baby hair back to where I want them to be if you don’t have baby here just kind of replace your edges if you need to and then I’m just gonna go ahead and remove this ponytail okay you guys see that the curls are still there but they’re kind of like dry and a little stale because of the you know the indentation from the bow so what I would normally do at this point is just grab a water bottle and kind of lightly spray this down now depends on if you want that super wet lip and wet it all the way down but I really just want to look at a volume 2 minor today so I’m just gonna read what the end hi beautiful hmm I look like whoo I’m on TV mm-hmm that’s the goal okay so you guys see how that side just fluff back out like where that boat was okay and just kind of run your fingers through it a little bit like not like combing through it but just like oh no like lightly like just dragging the water down to the ends of the hair now if you want that wet look I do have a video showing you how I get like that super wet look and um I will link it up on one of these ends so you guys can watch that but today I’m not really doing that much of a wet look I want it to kind of look you know just like a natural wash and go or twist out or something make sure you don’t forget the back when do we get we’re gonna add a little bit of mousse that’s what’s gonna help to define these curls okay now I’m just gonna go towards the bottom with the mousse and like I said this will help to find these curls now you guys will see I love you to see that and I could go in with like more mousse if I wanted to be certified and crunchy but like I said I’m going for more of a volume like voluminous look today so I’m just gonna go ahead and lightly at em okay there we go let’s dry and then I’m gonna go in on my hairline really quick I’m just gonna place some loose right around here on the top because sometimes that gets kind of janky when you’re sleeping sorry I need to mirror a little bit for this I’m gonna get my I’m gonna get my handy dandy toothbrush and I’m just gonna go back in and reshape those edges and baby here to where I want them to lay oh it’s hard trying to do baby ears on camera okay so like right here it’s kind of stuck so I just lifted it up I’ll go back in with some moves so the mousse that I’m using right now I it’s not available for retail unfortunately so you guys can use like really any mousse that does not have alcohol in it I like Nairobi’s setting foam so you can definitely use that so I’m probably gonna have to go back in off-camera and fix them just cuz I need both my hands to get these right now where you see coming like a white halo that’s just from the makeup mixing with my little.

Unfortunately so that’ll kind of be there unless I go in with like a darker powder or or you know reapply my unit or going with some alcohol remove and reapply but I’m not doing all of that this morning so this will actually really blend in you go out into the Sun now I’m gonna go ahead and take that same head scarf and tie my hair back down for about five minutes okay okay guys so it’s been about five minutes so I’m getting ready to take my scarf down so I can go and this is what the finished product looks like everything is nice and molded like I say you can go in around the hairline with some powder like that quick it’s not doing too much I’m not doing too much just funny um so yeah so this is how it comes out thank you guys for watching this video on how I sleep in my wigs when they are glued down and specifically my curly wigs up you guys learned something